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[紀行文] k i k o u

a Fanfic Rec Journal

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  • damngenkiusagi@livejournal.com
[紀行文] k i k o u means Traveller's Journal, but this isn't literally one. Though you can say, it's sort of a journal of many fanfiction and stories that I've read thus far, in multiple fandoms, by various authors.

And so, this a rec journal run and maintained by me, damngenkiusagi. Fanfiction that I usually read are mostly anime and/or manga based, some of them are listed below in the interests. I like almost all genre and ratings except AU (alternate universe, unless it's written well), and I especially enjoy yaoi and shounen ai, but I read alot of gen and het fics as well.

The stories that I rec here are those that essentially moved me, one way or another, whether they made me happy or sad or pensive or hot and bothered... ^_~ I should like to share them to other readers. I claim no infallible criticism to the stories that I rec, however, because I'm no certified critique - I really just liked these stories.

Other rec journals and communities are be-friended :) Feel free to tell me how these stories went for you.

And the more important thing: It's not a requirement, but DO COMMENT on the stories. It makes writers feel good when people enjoy their works! :)