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Nov. 27th, 2006



Starbucks is going to leave me bankrupt before the year ends, if not totally whacked up on caffeine, I swear. All for the love of the spanking-cool 2007 Planner.

A writer lives on coffee alone.

For Yuki Eiri, there's also cigarettes.


In Love and Hate
by Nichole

[Eiri/Shuichi, Tatsuha/Shuichi :: Angst. Drama. Romance. :: R to NC17 :: Yaoi, adult themes, serious topics]

Truth be told, I wasn't quite happy with this fic, especially where this is going from recent chapters. It has so much angst, true, but at some point it became too unbearable for me.

But I still gave it a chance. All the gruesomeness aside, the author does have a penchant for thoroughness and detail; the building up of the plot and the characters were superbly written, it sometimes makes me forget what she's done with the characters.

She hasn't made appropriate warnings to the fic, but she did explain why she's writing it. This story has suicide topics in it, so if you're kinda squirmy with stuff like these, I advise you to stay away from it. But I've to say, it's pretty good, considering.

Link :: In Love and Hate
(Story in progress, currently 8 chapters)


by Grasshopper (A.K.A. The Undertaker's Muse)

[Hiroshi/Omi Tsukiyono :: Humor. Crossover. :: PG :: Shounen-ai]

This crosses-over with Weiss Kreuz, and I've to admit: Hiro and Omi *do* make quite an interesting and odd couple. Unfortunately, the story's to short to develop any real plotline and take it further. But the possibility the author had worked on was simply awesome.

Link :: Escape


Switching Pitchers
by HawkCloud

[Shuichi/Eiri :: Romance. Citrus. :: NC-17 :: Shounen Ai, Yaoi, explicit scenes]

Sex in the Uesugi-Shindou household that only HawkCloud could ever deliver in delicious, excruciating detail.

No further explanations needed--this is a definite *MUST READ*.

Link :: Switching Pitchers

Nov. 17th, 2006


Weiss Kreuz

"Paradise Kiss" was enjoyable. I've to say, the ending was kind of unexpected but I liked very much how they did it. The so-called life lessons shall be contemplated soon enough; I'd still like to bask in the afterglow of end-of-series.

Thank goodness Yukari wasn't another Miaka-clone! -_-;


Secret Admirer
by Tammaiya

[?/Omi :: Romance. Humor. :: PG-13 :: Shounen Ai]

Because it's only 6 weeks before Christmas and I'm in a weird mood for a Christmas fic... sort of.

Seriously though, this may not be a smut-laden story, but it does have the "excitement" factor. When Omi receives a bouquet of flowers with an anonymously-signed card, finding out who his 'secret admirer' is driving him--and the rest of Weiss and Schwarz--crazy.

The character dynamics were insane and hilarious, the plot ingenious, and the twist/revelation at the end simply, sweet.

Link :: Secret Admirer


Youji's Omelette
by Natalie Baan

[Youji/Ken :: Citrus. Humor. :: NC-17 :: Yaoi, a little food kink]

The plot starts out innocent enough, almost mundane, but only a good writer will be able to twist it into something hot, interesting and naughty. This is an easy, light, almost-fluffy fic written in delicious explicit detail. Natalie's Youji is cocky & sexy just as he should be, but he's also a little bit clumsy and unsure; Ken, on the other hand, is surprisingly smooth & seductive, wonderfully meshed with his sweet cluelessness. Dynamics are wonderful, smut-ness just perfect. I bet you wouldn't be able to look at an omelette the same way again after this.

Link :: Youji's Omelette

Nov. 14th, 2006


Furuba / Fruits Basket

I was watching Furuba again the other day, and couldn't help but fall in love all over again with the Ryuu/Hebi pairing. There's just something so... sweet and tragic with their relationship (and as we all know sweet tragedy is my weakness), it almost never fails to make me cry! *sniffles*


The District Sleeps Alone
by R.C. McLachlan

[Hatori/Ayame :: Angst. Romance. :: PG-13 :: Shounen Ai, Yaoi, mild language]

It's not a preference bringing old loves into the picture, especially where this pairing is concerned, but somehow, the author made it work so well... with a little twist in the end that just made everything simply... fall into place. So Hatori, so totally Aya. It's what I enjoyed most about this pairing.

Link :: The District Sleeps Alone


A Passing Moment
by esrafil

[Hatori/Ayame :: Fluff. Romance. :: PG :: Shounen Ai]

Short drabble, but I loved the imagery. (I might ruin it if I say anything more.)

Link :: A Passing Moment

Full-Metal Alchemist

A first for this fandom. And the only one, thus far.

I've read some FMA fics, of course, (sporadically) but I just can't help it if I'm a bit finicky when it comes to pairings. The only yaoi-pairing that I'm comfortable in reading about is Russell/Ed, and unfortunately, the fandom lacks good stories about them.

I found one though!

By The Book
by scribblemoose

[Russell Tringham/Edward Elric :: Romance. Citrus. :: NC-17 :: Shounen-ai, Yaoi]

Finally, someone who treated these characters for the awkward-teenagers-on-the-brink-of-manhood that Edward and Russell are! Adorable, sweet, funny, and spot-on characterization is just total pleasantness. The scenes are believable, not more so than the take on their relationship: the fine line between love and hate.

Which is probably why this story stands out so much.

Link :: By The Book

Nov. 5th, 2006


Kyou Kara Maou!

I actually haven't finished the anime. I sort of lost interest in it after episode 30-something. Maybe it was because I missed a few and by episode 40 or 50, I couldn't understand anything anymore.

Ah well.


Little Dreams
by bard_of_death

[Yuuri/Wolfram :: Romance. Drama. Angst. :: R - NC17 :: Shounen Ai, Yaoi, accounts of masturbation, harsh language]

The plot-idea is as cliche as it could get, but it's really amazing how the author managed to do something alot more with it. Written mostly in Wolfram's POV, the readers get to appreciate a different side to the Mazoku Prince and understand the depth of his feelings for Yuuri. As the Maou struggles with his own, while trying to run a country at the same time. Watch out for the 'sex scene', it's quite memorable!

Links :: Prologue 1 | Prologue 2 | Prologue 3 | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 | Chapter 11 | Chapter 12 | Chapter 13 | Chapter 14 | Chapter 15 | Chapter 16 | Chapter 17 | Chapter 18 | Chapter 19 | Chapter 20 | Chapter 21 | Chapter 22 | Chapter 23


The Honeymooners
by bard_of_death

[Yuuri/Wolfram :: Romance. Drama. :: R - NC17 :: Shounen Ai, Yaoi, explicit scenes, adult themes]

The sequel to 'Little Dreams'. It's more light-hearted than the previous, as Yuuri and Wolfram adjust to their new lives together, but this story deals with a lot more adult themes. Not as engaging as the first, in my opinion, but written just as wonderfully.

Links :: (story on-going, links are for latest chapters)
Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 | Chapter 11

Oct. 25th, 2006


Weiss Kreuz

I first saw this anime series back during highschool, when it first aired in a local network and was locally dubbed. I really didn't care much for the story then, all I knew was: Aya Fujimiya is *hotness* -- most probably because of the stoic, mysterious aura, and the boy's just dripping with angst. Funny how nearly a decade later, Aya/Ran is my least favorite of the Weiss boys.


by Gnine

[Aya/Ken, Youji/Omi, Youji/Ken, Aya/Omi, Youji/Ken/Aya/Omi (not necessarily in that order) :: Romance. Humor. :: PG-13 :: YAOI--lots of it! ..oh, and boy-love]

A Weiss boys orgy. 'Nuf said.

The first and only one I've read so far that has ALL the boys in a mosh pit (actually, it was a dungeon of some sort, but who cares really?). Not really exceptional in terms of writing style, but I do like the humor (it was nicely done!) and how the author managed to put two and two together to make a believable four ^^

Link :: TBS (Complete. 5 Chapters in all.)


To the end
by Gnine & X-parrot

[Weiss Kreuz boys (non-romantic) :: General :: PG-13 :: some adult themes and violence]

The complete opposite of the previous story, but still quite a good read. Co-written by sisters in a round-robin style. It's non-yaoi, but there's a good amount of shounen-love, and by it, they only mean the deeper bond and friendship of four lonely assassins. I liked the portrayal of each of the boys, and how they just simply depend on each other on missions.

It's a hurt/comfort fic that I found achingly sweet and tender.

Link :: To the end (Complete. 1 Chapter in all, plus 'Omake')

Oct. 21st, 2006



Too many Gurabiteshiyon stories I would really like to share! This fandom has got the biggest number of recs than any of the other anime series that I read. But would you believe that I had to wade through *ALOT* of bad fics just to get to these ones? Not an easy task, I tell you, but quite an incredible feat nonetheless!


Catch Me
by LuV2Writ3

[Ryuichi/Tatsuha :: Angst. Romance. :: PG-13 :: Boy-love]

It's slightly AU, but has really nice take on Ryuichi and Tatsuha's characters. I don't usually like to read fics with "cutting" in them, but this never really got into the gory details, which was nice. The focus is Ryuichi and his growing feelings for the teen-monk--lots of angst and introspection, a very nice break from all the RyuTat smut fics out there.

Link :: Catch Me
(Continuing fic. Has 6 chapters currently.)


by HawkCloud

[Tatsuha/Ryuichi :: Drama. Romance. :: PG-13 to R :: Boy-love, Yaoi]

No, really, you have to believe me that *THIS* is simply the best TatRyu fanfic by far--if not, listed among the best. I have seriously no words for this, I don't think I could ever bring this to justice.

HawkCloud brought Tatsuha and Ryuichi to life with this story. Their characters were in such perfect portrayal, the story written in such glorious detail, emotive and powerful. It lives up to the title: SPIN.

Another MUST READ.

Link :: Spin
(Completed. With 8 Chapters.)


Fleeting Inspiration
by AnnaSartin

[Eiri/Shuichi, Tatsuha/Ryuichi, other pairings :: Comedy. Romance. :: R :: Boy-love, Yaoi, Foul language]

The story of the cursed book.

No really, you just have to follow the adventures of this dysfunctional piece of literature. And how much it affected [read: ruined] the lives of two equally dysfunctional couples. The romance is good, but the humor (though sometimes a bit off and a little 'O_o?') is much better!

Link :: Fleeting Inspiration
(Continuing Fic. Around 40+ chapters currently.)

Oct. 18th, 2006


Fruits Basket / Furuba

For some reason, my back hurts. Must've been the way I slept last night.
GARGH! The pressure and harassment of work -_-; I'm a masochist if I enjoy it.


Only The Cursed
by Laily

[Shigure, Hatori (friendship) :: Drama. Angst. :: PG-13 :: slight language and some spoilers for the manga]

Sometimes a good shounen ai fic does not have to involve romance (and some sex), it is best served with a few rounds of sarcasm and banter, a few awkward moments and of course, boy-lovin' in the not so perverse manner. And that's just what I liked about this fic--short, simple and clean. And inspite of the drama and angst, it was nicely portrayed.

Link :: Only The Cursed


A Little Stress Relief
by Ryuuza

[Kyo/Yuki :: Romance. Drama. Citrus. :: R - NC17 :: yaoi, explicit scenes, language]

My super secret fave alternate pairing--which is not so secret anymore.

Kyo and Yuki try to work out their... relationship, and upon discovering some deeper feelings with what started out as simply some "stress relief", they found out they can never truly go back to what once was. Indeed, sex changes everything. But I enjoyed how the eventual events leading to this "new found partnership" between two supposedly sworn enemies had unfold. Well-written and engaging; the smut was hot too, but of course it wouldn't be complete without the usual Cat n' Mouse banter to which the author managed to keep in character.

Link :: A Little Stress Relief (Table of Contents, will bring you to the links of each chapter)


by Vanilla Ofuda

[Hatori/Ayame :: Romance. Fluff. :: PG :: shounen-ai]

A light and fluffy hatoyame fic--hey, it involves smoothies, what d'ya expect!? Sure, it's almost a friendship fic if you squint at it at a 45 degree angle, but then again, Ayame's involved. Not much more to be said about this short story: it's sweet, it's adorable, and it's fun to poke fun at a confused Hatori who couldn't say 'No' to a boisterous Snake.

Link :: Smoothie

Oct. 15th, 2006



My order of Gurabiteshiyon porn has not been shipped yet; it's been over a week already!! :S MUST. HAVE. BOY-LOVE. PORN. NOW!!!


Definitions of Relaxation
by Anria

[Suguru/Hiro :: Romance. :: PG-13 :: mild language, shounen ai]

Probably my third best favorite pairing in the fandom (mainly for Hiro, who is such a spanking-sexy-hot guitarist ^^); and because they're cute together. It's all about the cute, and of course being passionate musicians both. Suguru admittedly showed deeper feelings for his bandmate in the manga, and I liked how the writer had build up on that concept. The scene is very simple, words nice and direct and character dynamics irresistably interesting. Go assert yourself Suguru!

Link :: Definitions of Relaxation


Levels of Trust
by Anria

[Shuichi/Yuki Eiri :: Romance. Citrus. :: NC-17 :: explicit sex scene, yaoi and shounen ai]

I really, really enjoyed the smut well-written dynamics of Shuichi and Eiri's character in this short vignette. The "cut out snippets" presents a slow chronology, and Eiri's gradual acceptance of Shuichi in his life by putting his trust and faith into the boy. After what Eiri had been through during his teen years, and the resulting trauma, you really have to give much credit to Shuichi for loving Eiri that much by being just so patient and kind. The ending the author kept vague, which I also liked because it impresses a more realistic feel to the story.

Short, sweet smut! A -must- read :)

Link :: Levels of Trust


Shining Acrylic
by Kmyth

[Tatsuha/Ryuichi :: Romance. Drama. :: R :: shounen-ai]

Perhaps one of the best written prose in the fandom. It's a little bit AU, wherein Tatsuha is an artist (aka painter, but you can just consider it a hobby of sorts of the teen monk), and he discovers himself and his art through a certain blue-eyed singer. The way it was written, it was almost as if the author himself has been painting the story and the scenes with words. Their relationship spins off from Ryuichi's obssession instead with Tatsuha's art, that which drives inspiration for his songs. A few problems of course arises, but that's another appeal of the story.

Simply beautiful.

Link :: Shining Acrylic

Oct. 7th, 2006


Kyou Kara Maou!

I'm frickin' tired -_-; I haven't done an all-nighter like this since college. I'm getting too old for this. Meh!
And I'm bitter. 'Cos I met a really cute japanese guy the other day and I didn't even get his name! My brain froze at such crucial moments... maybe it had also been the fact that I'm trying to decipher his broken english. And he bowed--*BOWED* like frickin' polite! KAWAII NE~!!! XD!


Finally Home
by AngelZash

[Yuuri/Wolfram :: Citrusy. Romance. :: NC-17 :: Yaoi. Graphic Sex and spoilers for the last episode]

Yuuri and Wolfram are so fun together--either can be seme or uke, but you have to find the really good authors who can write them well either way. And this Yaoi PWP is, although explicit enough to threaten a nosebleed, done very in character and not rushed, unlike most smut-fics that want their favorites to get together and just get it on. They have one of the funniet sex scenes ever!

Link :: Finally Home


by jennavere

[Yuuri/Wolfram :: Romance. Humor. :: PG :: boy love]

It's cute when Wolfram gets jealous (although I could emphatize with Yuuri that it gets old sometimes and frustrating), since he takes their 'engagement' far too seriously, he'll guard his Maou and fiancee with his life. But what if the tables are turned and it's Yuuri who gets jealous? Why is that even possible? A hilarious Yuuri-realises-his-feelings-for-Wolfram fic!

Link :: Jealousy

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