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coming back post

Hi guys!

Just posting to say that I'm back from hiatus and will soon be posting some new (and old, delayed) recs. Truly sorry for those who missed me ^^

Ja na~


So ... is furuba_fuh_q officially dead?

I've spotted you as the mod of 11_reasons, which is a lovely com btw! I srsl love it, but it has seemed to be on hiatus for a sometime now, at least for what comes to adding pairings, accepting claims and stuff.
I truly mean no offense, but I just want to ask if you're still going to keep it up to date? For example right now there seem to be many claims that you haven't accepted for like, ages, some of them are up from last year. As I said, I truly mean no offense, I'm just trying to help here, and I think it would be a shame if 11_reasons would die or something. I was wondering if you'd need some help with it? Like, with moderating things and stuff, accepting claims and adding them, stuff like that. I'm not like "whoa I'll come over and rule your community", but I thought it might be easier if you had a fellow mod to keep things easier for you and stuff? :) I don't know what I'm really saying here, but I hope you'll read this comment and think about it. For the sake of 11_reasons, aye? ^^

Anyways, that's about it, thanks!