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Weiss Kreuz

It's been a while since I've recced anything Weiss Kreuz. I like this fandom, despite how cliche'd it has become.


A Weiss Christmas
by Tammaiya

[Aya/Ken :: Fluff. Romance. :: PG-13 :: Shounen ai]

The idea of Aya and Ken together just makes for fluffy-cute, probably because of their polar personalities and a feel-good getting together fic like this worth the toothache. Youji and Omi (hilariously) plot the romance of their friends, an were they successful? Read on and find out!

Link :: A Weiss Christmas


Chocolate-Vanilla Swirl
by Tammaiya

[Aya/Ken :: Angst. Romance. :: PG-13 :: Yaoi, shounen ai]

It may be a little odd for someone like Ken-ken to angst, but even the cheerful soccer player have little problems sometimes. And who's to bring him out of his angsty-moment by the Man of Ice himself, Aya. The dynamics of their relationship is interesting to read about and in this fic, the author gives us just that.

Link :: Chocolate-Vanilla Swirl