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Furuba / Fruits Basket

This journal has been on a sudden hiatus for the past 3 months. RL had been unexpectedly busy, I didn't mean to neglect on my reccing duties. Anyway, what is important is that I'm back and it's time for new fics to read!

Here are a couple of wonderful Furuba fics about my OTPs :)


The Scientific Method
by Celeste

[Hatori/Shigure :: Romance. Comedy. :: PG-13 :: Shounen-ai, Yaoi]

Hatori is, after all, a doctor, a master of science and his methods are nothing but scientific. This is a very comical take on Hatori's approach to everything that is Shigure. It is amusing how the Inu produced different results each time, each time baffling the good doctor, and each time makes for quite an interesting... ah, scientific experiment.

Link :: The Scientific Method


Sickness and Health
by Celeste

[Hatori/Shigure :: Drama :: PG-13 :: Shounen ai]

The Dog and the Dragon's relationship is one of the more difficult ones to write about, in all its simplicity, there's always an edge that you can't quite point. Even if the story is more focused on their friendship, and author has done a beautiful job of giving us a glimpse of that complicated simplicity in this fic.

Link :: Sickness and Health


The Journal
by Mikagami Morrigan

[Shigure/Mayu :: Romance. Comedy. :: PG :: a little bit inanity]

This fic is currently nominated as "Best (Fruits Basket) Fanfiction for 2006" at the Dotmoon.net Awards. But this isn't just why I'm reccing this story. The author took a leap in writing about a couple that isn't very popular in the fandom and managed to do a great job with portraying their relationship. Read on and if it's worth your taste, go and vote for "The Journal"!

Link :: The Journal