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Today is a *VERY* important day.
Today HYDE-sama turns a year older!

OMEDETTO Tanjoubi HYDE-san!!!

..and now, onto the recs ^_^


Everyone and Their Mother Wants a Piece of Me
by Scarlet

[Eiri/Shuichi :: Romance. Comedy. :: R :: Shounen ai, lots of cussing]

As an avid reader of Scarlet's works, it was very surprising for me to have found quite a different genre in her list of Gravi fanfiction works. But I have to say, even if this story does not touch me the way her dramas did, I enjoyed it very much and almost always would double up in laughter with the hilarious scenarios she created for Eiri and Shu.

It seems everybody wants 'IN' into the sex life of the famous couple... and Eiri actually takes part in the scoop! Original and hilarious!

Link :: Everyone and Their Mother Wants a Piece of Me

Don't Sing!
by anahita

[Eiri/Shuichi :: Romance. Humor. :: R :: Shounen ai, lime content]

It's a bit of sillyness, but one of the very few original ones I've read. It's a hilarious satire, peeking breifly into the daily life of the famous singer and his equally famous writer-boyfriend.

I suppose, if Eiri had another flaw, that would be... that.

Link :: Don't Sing!

by anahita

[Eiri/Shuichi, Ryuichi/Shuichi :: Romance. Comedy. :: R :: Shounen Ai, Lemon content, Yaoi]

This comedy is a little less dark than the other fic by Anahita, but the comedy is still fantastic. Details abound, with a dose of crazy mystery that just makes you want to turn to the next chapter - if not for the hlarity, just to confirm who started it all. I take this a parody of sorts.

Link :: Fanfic
(Complete with 6 Chapters)