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I really should be working... meh!


Kissing Language
by Seifer

[Hiro/Suguru :: Romance. Fluff. :: PG-13 :: shounen ai]

It's one of those "convenient circumstances" get-together plots that are good for one-shot stories like these. Hiroshi is a bit too naughty in this, as Suguru played it so coy the "positions" are a no-brainer. But there is an edge to it, as Hiro teaches his bandmate the different Kissing Languages. Fluff and spicy humor can make cute.

Link :: Kissing Language


by Chu

[Eiri/Shuichi :: Romance. Citrus. :: NC-17 :: yaoi and explicit boy sex]

Sure, this is smut--but one of those very few that are very well written, thought-out and planned up to the last detail. But even details can bore a reader and make you want to get to "the good parts"--not this one though. The writing style is awesome, such that you'd find yourself wanting to be in Eiri's position. This is probably one of the rarer fics that this quote can be applied to: "It's not the destination, but the journey."

Read on and find out what I mean.

Link :: Metamorphosis