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Furuba / Fruits Basket

Ah, how I have missed this fandom! Not to mention, my favorite pairing in the series. It's just so sad Fruits Basket has finally ended :( --but I still haven't read the manga! So I feel like I still have an excuse for pimping out my OTP.


Pink Moon
by Vanilla Ofuda

[Hatori/Ayame :: Romance. Fluff. :: PG :: Shounen-ai]

Amazingly in-character and even if it's fluff, it's a well-delievered fluff. A little exaggerated, but maybe that's because Ayame's in it. I appreciated the hints of tension and struggle between the Snake and the Seahorse, it's what makes their relationship a bit more fun to watch, just as in the manga or anime.

Link :: Pink Moon


For You
by S

[Hatori/Ayame :: Angst. Romance. Citrus. :: NC-17 :: Yaoi. Angst. Non-con bondage, explicit sex scenes]

Dark, dark angst. Mind that the details were thoroughly written--not just the emotions, but the actual descriptions of actions and especially the sex scene. So if non-con or bondage irks you, stay away from it--or skip it, if need be. Because you just cannot miss this story. So painful, it makes you want to bleed with Hatori and Ayame.

Link :: For You


Love Song
by S

[Hatori/Ayame :: Angst. Romance. :: G :: Shounen-ai]

This was set for (probably) after the series, but no real spoiler warning (perhaps a speculation of what might happen in the future).

And just as before, the author managed to portray Ayame's unrequited love for his best friend so magnificently. However, it was Hatori's struggle in his emotions that was really moving. This work is simply, just beautiful.

Link :: Love Song