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This has got to be my Best SMUT REC - *E V E R*!!!!

Depravity & Depravity 1.0
by ffpanda

[Eiri/Shuichi, Hiro/Suguru :: Romance. Citrus. :: NC-17 :: besides Shounen Ai and Yaoi? **HEAVY BDSM** (I couldn't emphasize that warning more, but seriously, STAY AWAY if this stuff repulses you!)]

Just when Hiro thought he knew everything about his best friend, a teeny Freudian slip introduces the guitarist to a whole new sex-lifestyle. Can he handle it though?

ffpanda is simply outrageous! The story is wonderfully written, thoroughly detailed and plotted out--and I'm just talking about the plot. It's got humor, a bit of drama and angst thrown in for good measure, and lots and lots of boy-lovin'! The "variety" would keep the reader at the edge of his seat because it's truly good prose, and characterizations are perfect. But what I like best about this is, it's actually quite educational--now who would've thought, eh?

Depravity is the main story with the actual plotline, and is currently on its 36th chapter--it's not going to end anytime soon I hope! Depravity 1.0 are vignettes/scenes that the author couldn't include in the original storyline. They are just as heady and mind-blowing.

A MUST-READ for every Gravitation fan--you haven't really delved into the fandom without reading this story even once!

The Vault: Depravity and Depravity 1.0
Gurabite.net: Depravity and Depravity 1.0


:::Blushes::: Thanks for the rec!
Well *I* am honoured m(_ _)m That was the exact rec description I wrote at try_this_fic months ago :) I'm just happy to direct more fans to your awesome work!

Have you updated? ^^