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Happy 2007!

...that's it! Let's begin the new year with light-hearted recs. I hope you enjoy them. I've read these months ago, but they still haven't lost their charm. I just LOVE Gurabiteshiyon!~


by Hawk Cloud

[Eiri/Shuichi :: Romance. Fluff. :: PG-15 :: implicit mention of sex, yaoi, shounen-ai]

A short introspective on Eiri--who actually *thinks* after sex? Seriously. I especially enjoyed HawkCloud's characterization of the writer though, not in the normal way that she writes him, but still with that distinct, sardonic taste that is Yuki Eiri. It pulls you into his line of thought, then cuts it abructly with a crack-ful of Shuichi. It's magnificent!

Link :: Restless


Behind Closed Doors
by DarkChylde

[Eiri/Tatsuha (or is it?) :: Humor. :: R :: Yaoi-what else? and all the yummy implicit stuff]

Mika overhears something she shouldn't have... but she could not stop not listening either. (I leave it as that, because anything more would spoil the fun ^^)

Link :: Behind Closed Doors


by ANKuma

[Eiri/Shuichi :: Romance. Humor. :: PG-13 :: shounen ai, implicit things, curses]

This fic is entirely senseless--but that's the point, I think. The author starts off with the idea that there are just too many cliche-Gurabi fics out there, and this was spawned as a parody to all those been-there-done-that-plots. You don't have to like or agree, but it's meant to be enjoyed!

Link :: Cliche